MultCloud Sales FAQ

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes, credit cards are accepted.

  • No credit card added to PayPal account but there is balance in PayPal, can I subscribe to MultCloud Premium?

    Yes, you can set the PayPal balance as your preferred way to pay for the premium plan.

  • How to change from monthly subscription to yearly?

    There are two ways:
    1. Please cancel the monthly subscription first and then purchase the yearly subscription when your account turns to a free one.
    2. Please contact to help you change the plan.

  • How to cancel my subscription?

    Please click the "Purchase Traffic" button on the upper right position first and then click "More details about the privileges" to cancel your subscription.

  • Can you provide the invoice?

    Currently no. For the order issue, please contact Cleverbridge( to help you with that.

  • Do you offer a special discount? Say, for students.

    Sorry that we currently do not offer any kind of discount.

  • Can I subscribe for one month only as a test?

    Yes, MultCloud supports monthly subscription.

  • Is there a reseller program for MultCloud? Or a volume discount program?

    Sorry that we provide neither reseller program nor volume discount program.

  • How can I revert my account back to the free version?

    You can cancel your subscription first and your account will turn to a free one when your current subscription expires.

  • Where can I find the reference number?

    The reference number is in an email sent from

  • Do I have to cancel my subscription if I only need it for a month/season/year?

    Yes, you need to cancel your subscription on time or it will be renewed automatically.

  • How to change the payment method?

    Please contact Cleverbridge( to help you change it.

If you have any other problem during purchase, or if you want to know more information about MultCloud before buying, please contact us at: